My Story & Philosophy

My jewellery design is primarily influenced by the connectivity between elements in their raw state and their potential to be made into expressive items of jewellery. Texture and scale are important aspects to much of my work and through the combination of flowing lines and patterning. I feel that jewellery becomes symbolic of ourselves as we harmonise our tastes and preferences to the world around us.

My current collections are influenced by my fascination with movement and flow; creating both solid and articulated pieces designed to exaggerate the forms that occur naturally during the process stages. By combining these fluctuating forms into seemingly contradictory pieces, I attempt to create jewellery that connects random elements into formal pieces that complement, and add visual variation to modes of adornment. I feel that these unique, and unrepeatable pieces reflect a fragile and delicate appearance belying the inner strength and warmth of the silver itself.

I am currently based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire and my Hallmark is registered with the London Assay Office.